What Is A Repair Cafe

What Is A Repair Cafe

Repair cafes are community led approaches to extending the life of products through repair,

These cafes are entirely run by volunteers and are open to everyone.

There are economic, social and environmental benefits to using or becoming involved in a Repair Café.

Economically, you will be saving money by extending the life of your item.

Socially, the interaction between the repairer and the person bringing the item for repair is positive.

The Repair Cafe  does have a cafe where you can get tea, coffee biscuits and bacon sandwedges.

We are part of Transition Leominster there is usually  a stall in the cafe area with information and sometimes items for sale.

Environmentally, repairing items reduces waste, pollution and the overuse of finite raw materials to make new products.

The Repair Café is not in competition with existing services, we merely wish to reduce the amount of items that are thrown away.