Join us

repair cafe at workPlease join our Repair Café Leominster Facebook group Leominster Repair Cafe – Bin it? No way! Here you can see check out the date of our next session, see feedback from users and read updates on the repair ethos worldwide.

Pay us a visit

You can come along to look round and have a chat even if you have nothing to repair.

Become a repairer

If you love fixing things yourself and can spare the occasional Saturday morning, do ask about joining the team. It does not matter that we already have someone doing the kind of repairs you would like to do. We meet every month and you could always start out by giving a break to one of our regular team.

As well as repairers we need volunteers to help with the administration of the repairs (front of house) and people to help in the café.

There is no age or qualification bar for repairers.  If you are retired, this can be the start of a consuming interest as there are several Repair Cafes in the area and many repairers attend more than one venue in a month. On the other hand if you are younger and aiming for an apprenticeship or a change of career, this is an excellent way to get some experience to go on your CV.

The Bigger Picture

We are supported by Repair Café International. On their website Repair Café – Fix Your Broken Items ( you can see Tips and Tricks for repairing many items. Also you can use  the Repair Monitor Dashboard to find out which products the Repair Cafes in your community or country repair most often and how often they succeed.